Ellen Miller

One of our favorite days of the year at Christian Women’s Job Corps is our annual Circles Luncheon, a day for celebrating our students and raising awareness and financial support for our programs. This year’s event, on November 5th, is just around the corner. We’ll be celebrating an important anniversary- 20 years of service– and hope you’re planning to join us for this extra-special celebration! There will be vendors and beautiful decorations, a delicious meal, inspiring stories from our students, and a special guest, author Ellen Miller. You won’t want to miss her message of encouragement for women of all ages.

Ellen Miller

Ellen is passionate about life balance. Why? Because she knows from experience the miserable feeling we have when we’re “off our game” and the joy we can get from everyday life when we’re hitting on all cylinders. Her motto is: “You can have it all – just not every day.” Professionally, Ellen is a working gal. She served as a corporate officer for a Fortune 500 company while raising a family. She founded and now serves as the visionary for Insider Marketing, a technology marketing firm.

But Ellen believes that her profession describes only a third of who she really is. Personally, Ellen shares her life with her husband, Steve; their grown children; and their first grandchild. She’s not one to take this blessing of a sweet family for granted.

But probably the most defining thing about Ellen is her purpose. In this life stage, Ellen has felt a calling to be an encouragement to other women of all walks of life. Ellen believes that a fulfilled, content woman is vital to our society; our workforce; and, most important, to our families. A woman who purposefully chooses to live intentionally makes for a productive employee, a strong marriage partner, and a positive role-modeling mother. Her desire is to inspire confidence and motivate women to live to their full potential – with uncommon joy – for Christ.

This vision has led Ellen to write three devotional books that will be available for purchase at the Circles luncheon. We are so excited to hear what she has to say that day, and we hope to see you there! If you haven’t yet reserved your spot, there is still time! Call us at (256) 428-9435 or email today!

Your gift will be used to help students in Madison County build important skills to reach their full potential.

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