Extending Hope: Why Your Support Matters

Imagine waking up one morning feeling hopeless. You’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, but you don’t have the right skills. Your refrigerator is empty, you have nothing in your bank account, bills are piling up and creditors are calling. You are overwhelmed. Paralyzed with fear. Everyone is counting on you. What can you do?

Unfortunately, this is the norm for many women in our community. For various reasons, they are unable to continue schooling or get back into the workforce. A husband has left them and their kids, domestic abuse has forced them to leave their home, leaving them, and their families, in a hopeless position. Or perhaps a mother who has spent her adult years raising children and now needs to work, but has rusty skills for today’s job market. After all those years at home, she has lost her self-confidence to work outside the home. Yet many are ready to turn their life around after years of making bad choices or bad circumstances. They just need a helping hand.

We are Here to Help

At Christian Women’s Job Corps, we help open the door to start a new life, provide HOPE where there is none, and get these women the support that they need to make the transition. It is not an easy path, but one that CWJC walks with them by providing the support, through mentoring, that they need. CWJC provides them help to restart, reboot and gain control over their life’s circumstances in a loving, caring, supportive environment. That is why we at Christian Women’s Job Corps are so passionate about empowering women to reach their full potential and improve their situation. We know that helping these women also helps their families, which strengthens our community as a whole.

Although our goal is to equip and empower women with life and job skills, there is another aspect of CWJC that is matchless. The beauty of CWJC is in the real, personal relationships- not just for our students, although the mentorship and class connections are invaluable-

How You Can Help

Our annual Circles Luncheon is a one-of-a-kind event held to raise awareness and money for CWJC and its students. This year’s Circles luncheon is on Monday, November 4th at the Von Braun Center, so save the date!

The Circles luncheon brings together like-minded donors from our community who care about helping others to turn their lives around. This is not a handout – we are simply teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Did you know that over 1000 people attended our Circles Luncheon last year? These incredible donors provided funds for another year of Christian Women’s Job Corps.

This year, we need your help! By becoming a sponsor, you are helping women, who had no other place to turn, get back on their feet, gain their confidence back, and help support their families. We have several ways you can sponsor this event:

  • Become a GOLD Sponsor ($500) – Only $1.50 a day
  • Become a SILVER Sponsor ($300) – Only $.85 cents a day
  • Become a BRONZE Sponsor ($150) – Only $.42cents a day

Each of these levels is an affordable way to make a huge difference!

This is a fantastic and affordable way to support the life-changing work of CWJC. You will feel blessed knowing you are giving a family a future for around dollar a day.

It’s easy to secure your spot as a sponsor:

  1. Determine your Level of Giving
  2. CALL (256) 428-9435

Through generous donations from community members like you, we are able to address the needs of women in poverty by offering them training in life and job skills, as well as providing mentors to walk with them through their journey. This training comes at NO FINANCIAL cost to our students. All we ask of our students is a commitment of their time during the time they are students.

We are tackling a big problem together, and with people like you by our side, our community can extend hope to more and more women.

Call today! (256) 428-9435


Your gift will be used to help students in Madison County build important skills to reach their full potential.

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