Holiday Giving

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Well, actually we at CWJC have several occasions we love, like our Circles Luncheon and our graduations each semester. But of course we love Christmas. It’s a time to celebrate God coming near, showing mankind He didn’t give up on us, and sending His light- His Son- into the world. We love the message of God’s pursuing, light-giving, life-changing love. It’s the most important thing we can share with our students!

We also love this time of year because there is a spirit of generosity in the air. Everyone is hoping to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. And in a society that often doesn’t need more “stuff,” more and more people are seeking meaningful gifts…

…like a donation to CWJC! What better way to appreciate someone who has made a difference in your life than to give to the life-changing ministry of CWJC this holiday season? You can give a donation in honor if family members while giving families in our community the gift of hope. You can honor your employees by donating in their honor to a program that helps build job-skills and better opportunities. The strong, hard-working women in your life? The grandmothers and mothers and wives who never gave up until they left a legacy for the next generation? Give a gift in their honor to help lift another woman up and give her the courage and skills to do the same.

We’re closing out our $20 for 20 Campaign, celebrating 20 years of service. Just a simple gift of twenty dollar could make a world of difference to someone in our program. $20 pays for 2 “welcome bags” with toiletries and goodies for new students or 2 USB drives for women to save their resumes and other essential information from the program. It could also provide several Bibles, pay for a portion of computer training or GED materials, or any number of other things. If you’d like to let someone know what their gift donation could fund, here are some tangible items a donation to CWJC pays for:

  • $10 buys a welcome bag or USB drive
  • $50 will provide five students with welcome bags that include toiletry items.
  • $100 will pay for USB flash drives for 10 students. Students use these to save their resumes, cover letters, and other essential information so they can update them as needed.
  • $250 will cover the cost of 80 Bibles for our students.
  • $350 will fund one graduation ceremony.
  • $530 will sponsor one woman through the CWJC program
  • $500 will cover the cost of classes for a student for one year
  • $1000 will purchase GED materials for approximately 20 students.
  • $2500 will provide computer training to students at one site for one year

A donation made to Christian Women’s Job Corps is a meaningful way to honor someone and make a lasting impact in their name. Will you join us in giving the gift of hope this holiday season? And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for the $20 for 20 Facebook challenge as well as a Countdown to Christmas.

From all of us at Christian Women’s Job Corps, thank you for being a light in the darkness.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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Your gift will be used to help students in Madison County build important skills to reach their full potential.

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