Meet Our Graduates: Susan’s Story

“Have you ever had an experience that touched you so deeply that it took away your breath?”

Susan Voce, a CWJC graduate, felt this way about her experience in the CWJC program.

After years in an abusive marriage, Susan escaped with her two daughters but struggled “for her life”. Even though she had found a job, she felt she had no purpose. Susan was operating on “self will” trying to make ends meet and be there for her daughters. She then fell into a deep depression.

Divine Intervention

“I had heard about a school that offered help and required no money from me.”

After a friend encouraged Susan to apply for CWJC, and she “mysteriously” found a CWJC flyer on her table, Susan decided to go for it.

And that decision forever changed her life.

A Plan for a Hope and a Future

As Susan began her journey through the CWJC program, she not only learned valuable skills, she learned so much more.

“I have learned to have self-respect, self-esteem, and I have developed genuine relationships.  I have learned to love and to be loved again…I feel hope and a great future awaits me!!”

All Because of YOU      

Because of donors like you, Susan, and many more women like her, are thriving and supporting their families because of all of the volunteers at the CWJC. Our program helps women find hope and a purpose. CWJC offers training in computer skills, interview skills, money management, Bible study, and more.

We cannot do this without you! Our annual Circles Luncheon is a fantastic way to join our mission to give more women in Madison County the chance to improve their family’s situation. Supporting these women is simple:

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Your gift will be used to help students in Madison County build important skills to reach their full potential.

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