Tackling Life’s Twists and Turns with Hope and Action – Why Shantel’s Story Matters and How You Were a Part of It

“CWJC provided me with so many tools and resources that will not just carry me through this season, but the rest of my life.”

With 14 years in the Air Force and 10 years in the workforce under her belt, Shantel felt pretty secure.

In an instant, everything changed.

A terrible car wreck completely altered her life, putting her out of work and ending her career in the Air Force. Within 6 months, she was down to her last $280 with nowhere to turn.

That’s when she was introduced to the CWJC.

A Life-Changing Interview

“When I met with Susan Elder the Site Coordinator there for the interview process, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. However, the more we talked, a peace overcame me, and I realized this was a God thing. CWJC was the answer to my prayers!”

Through her journey as a CWJC student, Shantel learned valuable skills to help her re-enter the workforce, along with financial skills. In addition, she was encouraged, strengthened and learned to trust God even more.

Armed with resume-building tactics, Shantel put together a professional resume and landed an interview on the last day of class. Two days later she was offered the job, completely changing the trajectory of her life.

Because of her experience in CWJC, Shantel plans to come back and volunteer, helping other women in similar situations.

All Because of YOU      

Because of donors like you, Susan, and many more women like her, are thriving and supporting their families because of the work the CWJC. You can find more stories of hope HERE.)

Our program helps women find hope and a purpose. CWJC offers training in computer skills, interview skills, money management, Bible study, and more.

We cannot do this without you! Our annual Circles Luncheon is a fantastic way to join our mission to give more women in Madison County the chance to improve their family’s situation. Supporting these women is simple:

  1. Determine your Level of Giving
  2. CALL (256) 428-9435

We hope you’ll join us for our Circles Luncheon on Monday, November 4th at the VBC. Make your reservations online now, call us at (256) 428-9435 or email today!

Your gift will be used to help students in Madison County build important skills to reach their full potential.

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