Where Your Money Goes

Here at Christian Job Corps®, we understand that you work hard for your money. When you donate our hard-earned money, you should rest assured that your donation is actually going to the people the organization serves.

That’s why we want to share where your money goes when you choose to donate to CJC. Every donation goes directly to helping the men and women we serve.

Below are some of the ways your donations help these deserving folks:

However, monetary donations are not the only way we are able to serve these deserving folks. It’s also through donations of time, talents, and prayer that we receive blessing upon blessing.

“Christian Women’s Job Corps® is a very rewarding place to display your gifts from the Lord.”
-Ann Davis, CWJC Bible Study Teacher

Have you considered joining us in our mission? We are always looking for volunteers to help mentor and educate the men and women in our program! Find out how you can become involved!

And don’t forget about our Circles Virtual Event on November 2 at Noon. This inspirational event is completely free and all virtual, so you can enjoy it from wherever you choose! Don’t forget to share this link with as many friends as you can so they can join us in our mission too!

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