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Circles Goes Virtual – Join Us for FREE!

What happens when you have plans to gather with 1000 of your closest friends for a delicious meal to support an incredible organization, but a global pandemic strikes?

You gather virtually, of course!

Don’t worry, we’re committed to bringing you the same amazing Circles event you have experienced in the past. This year we’re just livestreaming it into your home.

Going virtual has presented us with both new challenges and new opportunities, but we know it will be the best event yet!

No Limits- Everyone Can Attend

One great advantage of going virtual is that we are not limited on space or the number of people you can invite! Think of all the people you know- maybe they’ve never heard about CWJC or maybe they were never able to come to Circles because of their work schedule. Well, now you can invite as many folks as you would like to watch the event from wherever they are! So let’s cast our nets wide and invite all of our friends to attend this powerful event.

Safety First

We want you to stay safe and healthy! This year’s Circles will still be held at 12 pm Noon on November 2, 2020, but the best part? It’s from the comfort and safety of your own space. You can safely connect with thousands of CWJC supporters for an event that will not only empower you, but will also empower women and men in Madison County to improve their situations.

Your favorite local vendors will also be in attendance with a Virtual Marketplace unlike any shopping experience you’ve had! Each vendor will showcase their products and creations online, and have your orders ready to pick up at their locations. What better way to shop AND support your community’s small businesses?

Love Heals

Making this inspirational event even more special, this year’s speaker is Becca Stevens, speaker, leader, priest and entrepreneur. She is president of Thistle Farms, a multifaceted, international nonprofit. Over 20 years ago, Becca founded this organization to provide a sanctuary and healing for women survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction not historically served. These women receive support, counseling, job skills, and more, helping them and their families heal. The similarities between CWJC and Thistle Farms are unmistakable, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to have her speak at Circles! Her message on how Love Heals will both challenge and encourage you. She has been hand-picked to make this event one you won’t want to miss!

How You Can Help

Circles is an event like no other, bringing together like-minded donors from our community that care about helping others turn their lives around. This year, more now than ever, we need your help. Because of the job layoffs and disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are in need of our program. By becoming a sponsor you are helping both women and men, who have no other place to turn, get back on their feet, gain their confidence back, and help support their families.

We are tackling a big problem together, and with people like you by our side, our community can extend hope to more and more people. Together, let’s see how many people we can invite to this FREE event and raise enough money to support both the Women’s Job Corps and Men’s Job Corps.

Your support is essential to our program. Please consider giving, even as little as $25, because these deserving men and women need your help to improve their lives and the lives of their families. If you have supported us in the past, we ask that you please consider giving at that same level this year. Every little bit counts, and we are incredibly grateful for your support.


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